Baumgartner Consulting
Stragetic Planning and Consulting Services…
Eric Baumgartner has over 20 years of business and management experience, partnering with both private sector businesses and large State agencies.  An accomplished corporate leader, technology consultant, and strategic marketer, his vision and diverse skills combine to produce notable successes for those he has served.

Offering operational expertise, the ability to identify and leverage appropriate technologies, and use of creative approaches, Eric was instrumental in launching Healthy Families, the successful state-wide healthcare program in California - ultimately serving over 750,000 children monthly.  He was also leader of the team responsible for the successful testing and implementation of HealtheApp, the nation's first Internet-based application and enrollment system for a State health program.

In the private sector, Eric's strategic approach to building a business has focused on supporting the Sales team to directly improve the client's bottom-line.  He is known for his ability to quickly identify sales and growth opportunities that go beyond conventional marketing - he has used proven, repeatable processes to develop strategic marketing plans for Business to Consumer service industry clients, Business to Business clients, and direct Retail clients.

Through the use of new technology, previously only available to large companies with larger budgets, Eric has provided his clients with a true competitive advantage.  By integrating the strategic marketing messages with automated delivery systems in multiple media, Sales teams are able to focus on closing new business and generating more revenue.  

Eric received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Oregon State University in Computer Science, focusing in Management Information Systems and Marketing. He lives in a small community in the pacific northwest with his wife and their boy - girl twins.