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Stragetic Planning and Consulting Services…

Our passion is connecting with clients to help them be more successful. Whether that be across your entire organization or focused on a specific area is up to you...

Strategic & Tactical Marketing

What is your strategic marketing message? If you are like most businesses - you almost certainly market and advertise much like your competition does... just like all the brand builders have - and how virtually everyone has been taught to do. Do these phrases sound familiar?
  • Lowest prices (or Best rates)
  • More experienced
  • Largest selection
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • "Best" in customer service
  • In business since 1431 B.C.!
In our age of information over-load, there's a high probability that the vast majority of your PROSPECTS aren't listening to (or believe) what you're saying... and why should they? They don't know you - what real evidence have you given them that you are any better or different?

Technology Selection & Implementation

Which technologies are just a fad - which ones are over hyped, and which ones can fuel your future growth and help you stay ahead of your competition? It is a full time job just trying to figure that out. Making the wrong choice can be very expensive - in both time lost and money. Being stuck unable to make any choice can be even worse. Which ones do you think are most promising for your business?

  • Online presence
  • Full e-commerce capabilities
  • Affiliate Programs
  • E-marketing campaign
  • CRM Systems
  • Newsletters
  • Auto Responders
  • POD Casting
  • Web Logs (BLOGS)
Campaign Management & Fulfillment

Do you ever get the feeling that if you have to add one more thing on to your plate everything will come crashing down? Are you the least bit hesitant to grow your business - because you're just staying on top of everything as is?
If so - you should definitely think about 'out-sourcing' - it works just as well for small/medium sized businesses as it does for Fortune 500 companies.
We can assist on shorter term project based business consulting efforts, such as conducting market analysis, competitive intelligence, or online customer satisfaction surveys. Or we can help out even more - by assuming full responsibility for developing and running specialized business functions:
  • Drip Marketing Systems
  • e-Marketing Campaigns
  • Referral Systems